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Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices

Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices

One of the best web browsers available is Microsoft Edge for customers who need to interact with many computers and devices, one of the many features and performance accolades that it consistently receives stands out.
In Microsoft Edge, bookmarks or favourites are an essential part of the browser. You don’t need to remember all the important websites if you periodically sync them across all of your devices. You can Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices and even different browsers on the same computer.

What is Microsoft Edge sync, and how does it work?

You may synchronise your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, personal information, and other items so that you can easily access them on any computer or device when you’re using Microsoft Edge thanks to a feature that is integrate right into the browser.
A Microsoft account must be use to sign in to Microsoft Edge on all of your computers, smartphones, and other devices, though, in order to enjoy the synchronisation feature of Microsoft Edge.

Creating a Microsoft account

With the following steps you can create microsoft account:

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Locate and choose “Sign up now.”
  • The sign up form will show up. Enter the necessary details, including your name, birthdate, and gender, by following the prompts.
  • Click on Create account after reading the privacy statement and the Microsoft Services Agreement.
  • The account settings page will now show as soon as your Microsoft account has been created.

Steps to sync Microsoft edge across devices

You can now sync your microsoft account on your Pc and as well as on mobile with the following steps:


  • In the browser taskbar, click the profile picture.
  • Turn on sync by selecting Manage profile settings > Sync. Go forward to the following step if you see a sign-in option. Recall that you are already log-in if you see Manage profile settings.
  • Choose Sign in, then select an account, or input your account information.
  • Select Continue.
  • When prompted whether you wish to sync your account, choose Sync. Your bookmarks, passwords, and other browsing information are kept up to date across all of the devices you use to access this account.
  • Click on your profile image, then add or choose another profile to move to a different account.

On Mobile

  • Download and Install the Microsoft Edge app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to choose an account and log in.
  • Tap Settings and more when the programme has been install, then choose your profile picture.
  • Toggle Sync to the on position under Sync settings by tapping Sync.